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Cormach cranes were first introduced into North America in the early 1980's, and with an increased customer appreciation of the varied applications for articulating cranes, coupled with the field-proven design and reliability of Cormach Cranes, our market share and reputation has expanded and strengthened.

Since 1994, CCSI has been steadily building a Dealer Network throughout North America, and we have some of the best dealers, with a reputation for honesty and integrity, backed by solid after-sales service and parts support.

Cormach's product line extends from 33,000 ft/lbs to 1,237,000 ft/lbs and is used in a host of applications (see partial listing at right).

Why are Cormach Cranes special? Quality manufacturing and a fundamentally sound design are used throughout the Cormach product line (for details on Cormach Product Features, click HERE). Contact Us directly for further information.

Applications (partial listing)

  • Building & Roofing Supply
  • Form Cranes
  • Pre-cast
  • Wallboard Unloaders
  • Landscaping & Tree Service
  • Roof Truss Industry
  • Oil fields
  • Utilities
  • Railroads
  • Tank Delivery
  • Pedestal Cranes
  • Marine Cranes
  • Trash Unloaders
  • Vehicle Retrieval
  • State Departments of Transportation
  • Military

CCSI Cormach Cranes Photo Gallery
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